img_20180731_214825img_20180731_215028Incoming students at York Met University gather for freshman orientation week before starting classes at a school where most of them know no one and are basically terrified that they will have no friends, be judged as weird and will generally kick off their college careers as losers. The week of partying nightly at the local pub, working out relationships with roommates and choosing extra-curricular clubs to join is one frenetic, worrisome series of events that leads each of them to (over the course of the book) examine their standing in the freshman culture as it relates to their personal values.  

Phoebe and Luke, who happen to have already known each other from seven years together in school before heading to York, run into each other the first night of freshman partying. Phoebe has a massive crush on Luke (of which he is unaware), but he hardly remembers her, having been involved for years with his serious girlfriend Abbey, who is headed to a different college. They come together, separate, come together again, all while Phoebe has brief involvement with others. Luke and Abbey do the same.  Other characters explore relationships with varying degrees of success as well.  Except for a few characters (Luke’s roommates, Josh, Ed, Negin), most of the students show an astounding lack of sense and maturity.  Excessive drinking, casual approaches to hooking up, and overall silly behavior make it hard to take most of them seriously or much care about what happens to them, although the few of them who display glimpses of honesty and self-awareness project a rare poignancy that any freshman will appreciate.

Needless to say, sex, alcohol and offensive language are everywhere in this book.  You can find f*** and its various iterations on almost Every. Single. Page (and usually more than once), telling you the authors seriously need to work on expanding their vocabularies. Although sex among the students is pervasive and permissive, it doesn’t become a moral issue until it is revealed that members of the soccer team snap pictures of the girls they sleep with, rank them according to attractiveness, and then post them online.  The wronged girls get their vengeance, the soccer captain is expelled, Luke and Abbey officially break up and move on, etc. etc. etc.

Don’t waste your money on this one.

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