Freak ‘n’ Gorgeous


Sixteen-year-old Konrad Wolnik is your normal-looking high school sophomore who has recently broken up with his hot girlfriend of seven months, Sara.  He wakes up one morning the victim of an Inexplicable Development, a rare chromosomal event that transforms him into a wildly gorgeous guy.  No one can explain how or why this happens at random times and in random places. He is thrilled, however, with his new physique and face and can’t wait to introduce his new self to the world.

Immediately upon his arrival at school everyone is agog. Suddenly he is the most popular guy on campus! The brainiest but most beautiful cheerleader invites him right away to her house for some oral sex and then, hardly knowing anything about him, asks him to be her boyfriend! He joins the popular crowd in the lunchroom! He’s invited to all the wild drunken parties thrown by the rich and beautiful! He’s living the good life!

The same morning of Konrad’s transformation, classmate Camilla Hadi, an average-looking girl, wakes up stunningly ugly, herself a surprise victim of Inexplicable Development. Horrified, she searches for an explanation and decides that Konrad somehow is to blame since both events happened concurrently, which has never happened with ID before.  She sets out to destroy his life to get even.

As predictable fiction would have it, Konrad gradually realizes that looks aren’t everything, he misses his old friends, he wants some authentic relationships, and he loves Camilla.  Camilla, who was already a self-absorbed, witchy person before being transformed, realizes by the end of the book that Konrad wasn’t responsible for what happened to her and that she has treated just about everyone badly.  Awareness blossoms and love blooms.

Teenage guys will love this book for its sex talk and vulgarity; teenage girls not so much unless they buy into the teenage male’s assumption that girls are sizing up the bulge in a guy’s pants as often as guys are gawking at female breasts. The quantity of offensive language (and some religious profanity) plus some REALLY gross sexual comments (one in particular during a truth-or-dare type party scene) made me pitch this book in the garbage rather than pass it on to someone else.  This author can write but needs a good editor.  Don’t spend your money on this one.

Categories: Body Acceptance, Bullying, Controversial YA Topics, Diversity, Dysfunctional Relationships, LGBTQIA, Navigating through High School, Offensive Language in YA Literature, Peer Relationships, Social Media, Sports Teams

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