This book is a sequel to EVERY DAY by the same author.  I have not read that but recommend others read it first before picking up SOMEDAY.

In this book there are two characters who do not have bodies but who have the ability to possess OTHER people’s bodies for a short period of time.  One of the characters is selfish and evil and has been at it a long time.  He has various justifications for his attitude and actions.  The other is newer to the process and has lots of questions.  His goal is not to do any harm to those whose bodies he borrows.  No explanation is given as to WHY they are like this, or if there are others like them. The two take over bodies of different genders, ages, and races.  The only way they can be killed is if the body they inhabit dies.  The “younger” character falls for a girl (and she for him) and wants to maintain a relationship of whatever kind they can muster. The book is built around their efforts to stabilize this ongoing connection, despite the one’s constantly-shifting outward appearance.

The book has a lot of bad language, including religious profanity, and some sex talk.  There is a great deal of cloudy mumbo-jumbo about gender identification and love which I found pretentious and monotonous, not least because the book is about 400 pages long.

It’s frankly a creepy premise that the characters driving the story exist to act and speak only by taking over the bodies of others (who are still living).

If you think you can muster sympathy and concern for such protagonists, then you might find this book interesting.

I wouldn’t put it on a school library shelf.

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