Fresh Ink

img_20181107_113616img_20181107_113833This book is an anthology of twelve stories by assorted YA authors.  (I say stories, but to me they read more like vignettes.)  The collection is designed to bring together diverse characters underrepresented in mainstream YA literature.  We’ve got your lesbian, transgender, Muslim, black, Native American, plain old nerd, superhero, rich, homeless etc. types.  Having myself read a lot of YA literature by now, I can’t say I’ve found any of these groups unrepresented or even underrepresented.  Be that as it may, this book brings a variety of them together in one book of unrelated stories.

The writing is pretty uniformly good.  There is a fair amount of bad language and some violence.  I would guess at least half the stories push acceptance of gender fluidity.  This is what you get in this book.  Depending on your community standards, this could be a good book for older students to have access to or one that disappears quickly from your collection.

Categories: Asian Culture, Body Acceptance, Bullying, Controversial YA Topics, Crime, Dance, Diversity, Dysfunctional Relationships, Dystopian Societies, Fantasy, Immigrants, LGBTQIA, Navigating through High School, Offensive Language in YA Literature, Parent Conflict, Peer Relationships, Political Activism, Rock Musicians, Science Fiction, Social Disorders, Social Media, Sports Teams

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