Toaff’s Way

img_20180930_172621IMG_20181001_080701On the book jacket, we read, “Sometimes Toaff wondered if he was the only squirrel on the whole farm who had questions. He hoped he wasn’t.”  With that invitation, I delightfully read about the adventures and insights of a grey squirrel as he discovers the world around him.  Each season of the year provides new experiences and changes that bring questions to Toaff’s inquisitive mind.  “Why should we stay away from the people’s big house nest?  Why do grey squirrels think the Churrchurr squirrels are their enemies? What is that beautiful silvery sound that Missus can make?”

Such are the questions that lead to insights and discoveries that Toaff makes each day and each new season.  Some of those insights will apply to the humans who are fortunate enough to read this well-done book by Newbery medalist Cynthia Voigt.  After Toaff rescues a smaller squirrel (who should have been his enemy) and takes him to his own nest, he muses, “When you whuffled at the same things, did other differences matter?”  There are lessons to learn and a beautiful world to celebrate through the eyes of this friendly squirrel.

My delight for the world of nature has grown through reading this heart-warming book. There is nothing objectionable to be found in it, and the illustrations are especially sweet.  TOAFF’S WAY would be well-liked by sixth-grade students and a fun book to read out loud to younger children.

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