Love & Luck

img_20180910_212525img_20180910_212655Addie is in Ireland with her mom and three brothers attending an aunt’s wedding.  She is smarting from a nasty break-up in which her boyfriend shared around a topless photo she sent him.  The wedding festivities end, most of the family then goes on a coach tour of Ireland, and she and her brother Ian are set to fly to Italy to visit a friend their age.  For reasons I can’t summon the interest to summarize for you, instead they undertake, with an Irish friend Ian made online, a road trip to a music festival.

This book has many things young adults will find relevant–shifting friendships, romance, identity struggles, a fun road trip, parental issues, etc.  The characters are believable for the most part and show growth.  There are good and bad adult figures.

There are a dozen instances of mild profanity.

This book strives for an overall light tone, but the secret at the heart of it (the sexted photo) and the resulting consequences are real downers.

Authors:  Enough already with the overly personal and lengthy acknowledgements.  These detract from the story world you just created.  Likewise, don’t add “deleted scenes” at the back.  Sheesh.  Use your best work in the story already and shred the rest.

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