I’m Not Missing

img_20180906_195222img_20180906_195258Two high school seniors in Las Cruces NM have been tight friends for years.  Both have mothers who ran off–one to join a religious cult, the other to fall into a lowlife of alcoholism and its attendant issues.  The former has the good fortune of a stable father and other family members, but the latter has a worthless dad and hateful stepmother.  Nevertheless she propels herself into a successful academic career and is on track to attend Stanford University when she mysteriously disappears.  She leaves a message behind to say she is gone but not missing, so people won’t go looking for her.

Time passes, the left-behind friend sorts out romantic and identity issues, tries to find her missing friend, experiences significant personal growth, etc.  Secrets are eventually revealed and a satisfying conclusion to the story develops.

It’s an interesting story, well-told and thoughtful.  There is a lot of bad language, including religious profanity; in fact, probably 80% of the pages have one or more instances.  There is a somewhat lengthy and explicit sex scene.  There is one gay character frustrated by a crush on a straight friend.  There is an old geezer repeatedly taking advantage sexually of young women.  There is adultery.

The author pays effective tribute to a unique area of the country.

Categories: Dysfunctional Relationships, LGBTQIA, Parent Conflict, Religion

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