Hull Metal Girls

img_20180903_2025001img_20180903_202615In this book humanity has been condensed onto a fleet of starships scouting for a habitable planet on which to re-establish itself.  For 300 years its governing body has been searching.  To help keep order–in particular against a rebellious group known as Fractionists–the ruling Chancellor has a body of human-machine warriors created.  For different reasons, four young people are turned into these fierce hybrids and go through training and assignments together.  Along the way they discover things aren’t what they seem or ought to be.

I’m not a fan of this kind of fiction, but the book is well-plotted, well-written, exciting in many parts, and brought to a satisfying conclusion.  Although there are echoes from Star Wars, Star Trek, Divergent, The Hunger Games, etc. throughout, nevertheless the author assembles a unique plot, world, and characters.

There is bad language, although not religious profanity.  In fact, the religious culture of one of the characters is treated respectfully.  Parenting by a same-sex couple is remarked upon matter-of-factly.  There is one instance of cyborg sex but readers can’t make out how that would happen anyway, so no problem there.

Fans of this genre should find the book satisfying, if the language doesn’t bother them.

Categories: Crime, Diversity, Dystopian Societies, LGBTQIA, Religion, Science Fiction, Social Disorders, Violence

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