The Door to the Lost

img_20180825_1053001img_20180825_105401In time past the wizardly people of Vora established a portal into the normal town of Talhaven. They supplied “animus” (magic) to make life more comfortable for the Talhaven folks and in return received goods and resources Vora lacked. Things were hunky-dory until the portal inexplicably exploded one day, causing immense destruction and putting an end to trade. The Vorans  managed to get some of their children through the portal before things went bust, however.   Unfortunately these kids, who also had wizardly powers, began to be treated with suspicion, rounded up, etc.

Rook and Drift are two female exiles who work together to help people who are for various reasons unsatisfied with life in the post-explosion Talhaven escape.  Rook has the power to draw doors in chalk on walls which turn into portals to transport people where they most desire to go.

It’s hard to stay ahead of the authorities, and sure enough Rook and Drift are eventually corraled and forced to help avert what looks to be another looming disaster.

There is nothing objectionable in this book.  The author tells an original story, creates believable characters, and  brings it all to a positive conclusion.  Suitable for young people and grownups alike.

Categories: Books with No Objectionable Content, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Wizarding and Magic

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