Spell and Spindle

img_20180821_1034401img_20180905_2158151The two main characters in this book are  a brother and sister ages 11 and 13.  They live in a big city near an unusual place called The Museum of Peculiar Arts, which has a long, murky history.  The boy, Chance, works as a volunteer there and is intrigued by all its oddities, one of which is a life-sized marionette called Penny.  The owner is forced to  sell the place and gives Chance the marionette as a going-away/thank-you gift.  Chance takes it home and thru some magical happenings switches bodies with it.  His sister decides she’s got to reclaim him and thus embarks on an adventure to sort things out.  This involves other sad and lost children kidnapped and turned into marionettes by an evil puppetmaster.

There is a brief threatening situation the sister find herself in with a stranger, but she escapes without harm.  There is otherwise no sex or bad language in the book.

The author plainly has a vision of a story she wants to communicate, but from the very early pages of the book I simply could not picture or understand from her descriptions critical elements of the story.

There is an unpleasant occult feeling to the story that is not vanquished by what I guess is supposed to be a happy ending.

Categories: Books with No Objectionable Content, Supernatural/Occult

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