The Museum of Us

img_20180722_192901img_20180722_193241Sadie is the only child of hippie-ish parents who live a rather vagabond but not irresponsible lifestyle.  When she is eleven they all are in a terrible car crash and are left hanging upside down for hours until being rescued.  The driver of the other car involved in the accident, a teenager named George, dies, but not before Sadie watches him beg for help.  Then, at the age of sixteen, Sadie is involved in another accident in the same (restored) vehicle. She’s carted off to the hospital with a broken leg and then placed in a psychiatric unit because people think she caused the accident on purpose to kill herself.  As a matter of fact, Sadie has been behaving rather strangely for several years, noticeably spacing out mentally in the presence of others and sleeping long periods of time.  It seems Sadie is slipping into a dream world of adventure and romance featuring a perfect friend who is named . . . George.

It takes a long time for the facts of the  case to be presented.  It is tiresome wandering in and out of Sadie’s worlds, and hard to keep track of the timeline (if you care to try).  Eventually Sadie chooses to say goodbye to her coping fantasy life and accept medication and therapy to deal with the guilt she claims over causing the original accident and thus the death of the real George.  It isn’t clear to me if her actions DID cause those things, but whether or not they did, she must be helped to get past it.

There is some mild profanity and there are some sexual scenes.

I didn’t find this book very tightly focused or written, and I didn’t much care for the characters, except for Sadie’s boyfriend Henry.  It left me with a confused, slightly depressed mood instead of a hopeful one.

Spend your limited bucks elsewhere.

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