Chemistry Lessons

img_20180710_1346171img_20180710_134737Maya is a high school senior headed for MIT who the summer before is working in her deceased mom’s science lab. She lives with her widowed father and has a small group of good friends. Her mother’s research papers were left to her and her dad.  In going through them, she discovers her mom was working on a private project testing whether a pheromone serum could work to stir up dulled passions in long-term relationships. Because Maya recently suffered a bad breakup with her boyfriend, she enlists one of her mom’s former PhD students to continue the project. This involves Maya with three men her age, including her ex.

There is some bad language and some sex talk (and some mild action), but it is not overdone. Some profanity will be offensive to Christians. Maya’s best friend, an aunt, and a peripheral couple in the book live homosexual lifestyles. Dead people are said to live on in the memories of those left behind, period.

The science doesn’t seem credible, especially for MIT people. If you’re going to write about science, do more than read a couple of popular newspaper articles about the subject. The story moves along OK. No great insights. Library dollars could be spent on more consequential books.

Categories: LGBTQIA, Peer Relationships, Science

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