Pointe, Claw

img_20180627_084252img_20180627_084435In this book, two teenage girls were besties until about the age of eight, when they were caught “playing doctor” and banned from seeing each other.  The REAL reason, however, that the families busted up their social contact is later revealed to be adultery among the couples.  Be that as it may, both girls grieve the loss of their friendship until they rekindle it many years later.

Fast forward.  One of them, Jessie, is a promising ballerina.  The other, Dawn, is having serious troubles wherein she loses time, finds herself in strange places and conditions, and, not to put too fine a point upon it, is in the process of physically transforming into a bear.  Yes, you read that right.

The author seems to intend this novel as commentary on women’s bodies and how vulnerable women are to what other people’s judgements, values, and desires are concerning them.

There is a lot of bad language and a lot of rather graphic sexual references and descriptions.  Men come off looking very bad in this book.  The characters seem to exist more as vehicles for the author’s philosophizing than as fully-drawn people.  Or maybe they’re just all unlikeable people.  I didn’t like them, at any rate.  The parents care somewhat about the kids but not a whole lot–at least not when such care might inconvenience them from pursuing their own selfish desires.  In general, the adults behave badly.

I guess the ending is meant to illustrate the girls’ separate successes in staking out full ownership of their bodies, though their paths forward look mighty murky indeed.

Pretty much a depressing book.

Categories: Body Acceptance, Controversial YA Topics, Dance, Dysfunctional Relationships, LGBTQIA, Mental Health, Peer Relationships

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