The Miscalculations of Lightning Girl

img_20180617_201147img_20180617_201114This is an excellent book I would not hesitate to recommend to anyone or put on any library shelf.

Lucy is a 12-year-old girl who is being raised by her single grandmother.  Her mom died of cancer when Lucy was so small that she really doesn’t remember her.  Her dad hit the road as soon as the pregnancy test came back positive.  In addition to the grandmother, Lucy’s only other family member is her mom’s brother Paul, who is in the military but comes home to visit when he can.

At the age of eight Lucy was struck by lightning and fell victim to acquired savant syndrome, giving her a peculiar and genius-level facility with numbers.  Between the ages of 8-12 she is “home-schooled” and in fact never leaves her grandmother’s apartment.  She wants to go to college and could get in, but her grandmother insists that she must first go to a real public school for one year.

Lucy has some odd coping mechanisms as a result of her rewired brain, so she predictably has troubles fitting in with her 7th-grade classmates.  Despite the difficulties, she eventually makes friends and learns how to navigate social situations in the real world.  A few crises are resolved satisfactorily, and the ending is good.

There is a wide range of characters presented, most of them sympathetic.  Curiously, fathers seem to be absent from the families mentioned.  There are families with divorced parents, never-married parents, and one has gay parents.

There is no bad language or sexual references whatsoever, and yet the story is not simplistic and the kids are not angels.  They show expected teenage moxie and attitude.

A fine book.

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