Rosie Girl

img_20180613_1509571img_20180613_151051(This review contains a critical spoiler.)

Two high school senior girls are best friends.  You might think from their physical closeness they are gay, but this is vague and turns out not to be the case.

Rosie was close to her dad, but he died about three years earlier.  Her stepmother has continued to raise her.  Living in the household is her stepmother’s younger boyfriend, who puts the moves on Rosie.   Rosie’s birth mom is dead or missing or otherwise not in the picture.  Rosie is a virgin who is saving herself for marriage. She wants to get out of the home and go to fashion design school.

Her best friend Mary lives in a religious household where the dad beats up the mom.

Rosie discovers her mom might be alive and employs a private eye to track her down.  In order to pay the fees, her friend, Mary, who wants money to run away to the West, charges high school boys for sex.  Rosie acts as her pimp, and they have rules to protect Mary if things go south.

It turns out a will surfaces that will make Rosie a rich girl when she turns 18.  The detectives locate Rosie’s mom in a mental institution in Colorado, and Rosie and Mary go road-tripping to meet her.  Turns out her mom had 12 multiple personalities that were finally integrated not long before.  Rosie, after a not entirely satisfying interview with her mom, turns to Mary to introduce the two of them, and her mother says:  “So you call her Mary.”  (There is no Mary.)

This is an interesting and involved story, but there surely is a lot of ugly stuff in it.

Categories: Addiction, Controversial YA Topics, Dysfunctional Relationships, Mental Health, Navigating through High School, Peer Relationships

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