the girl in between

img_20180604_193816img_20180604_194043Not sure why this is a YA book because the girl from whose view the story is told seems younger.  Anyway.  The girl and her mother are living with the grandmother when a fight erupts between the two older women, and the mother takes her young daughter and storms off.  The mother is a drunk and a druggie, and a sad story ensues of living on the street or in dilapidated buildings, going hungry, begging and stealing, etc.  The mom and daughter eventually find a semi-permanent home squatting in an old mill that is targeted for demolition.  At the end of the story we learn the young girl had died and was a ghost.

This came as a surprise to me, but I was not interested in the book enough to retrace or re-read and figure out when that happened.  I found the story depressing and tiresome and would not recommend it.  There is talk at the end about finding forgiveness and finally moving on, but by that point the characters had sunk so low I saw zero signs they might live better lives.

There is some profanity, one damn and the rest Geezus/Jesus.

Categories: Addiction, Controversial YA Topics, Dysfunctional Relationships, Mental Health

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