Keeping the Beat

Keeping the Beat CoverIMG_20180529_103509Five London teenage girls form a band, win the UK section of an international reality show competition, and fly off to California to prepare for the next round.  While there, they fall prey to all the temptations you can expect unchaperoned teenagers with no home training (as they say in the South) to face, including excessive drinking, drug-taking, casual sex, attempted date rape, etc.  There is violence (a hit-and-run) and murder, as well as a fair amount of bad language–especially religious profanity, including use of the British “bloody.”

The characters are pretty well-drawn and are generally sympathetic.  Some adult mentors are great, some not (ditto the young adults).  Lessons are learned, kids grow up, and the story moves along, though not in a light-hearted or happy way.  Things work out great for some, terribly for others. Music lovers of all kinds might appreciate that aspect of the story.

I felt like I was reading the junior edition of VALLEY OF THE DOLLS.

Categories: Addiction, Controversial YA Topics, Peer Relationships, Rock Musicians, Violence

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