All the Crooked Saints

IMG_20180512_193918.jpgThis is an original and charmingly told story of a strange family living in a deserted town in the Southwest desert. They have the ability to perform miracles.  People travel to them for help but the help isn’t easy – the miracles are two-step affairs, with the immediate relief being followed by an urgent need for those rescued to recognize and overcome their own stumbling block

There is some bad language, including some offensive to Christians.  There is no sex or violence.

The writing is otherwise lovely and insightful, people and situations are developed fully, and the ending is a satisfying one.

BUT.  I found this fanciful book tedious to read.  The characters remain at a remove, I guess because of the narrative voice the author chose.  I felt like I was watching a pretty play but never felt involved with the characters.

On the whole, it was an interesting curiosity, but I was sure glad when I didn’t have to read it any more.

I DID find myself being reminded at one point of that old line from “Auntie Mame”:  “Life is a banquet, and most poor suckers are starving to death.”  Hadn’t thought of that in decades, ha!

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