What to Say Next

img_20180301_171959807.jpgThere are two protagonists in this book : One is David, a teenager with Asperger’s who has a great family supporting him. The other is Kit, a girl whose father was recently killed in a car accident.  The book alternates points of view with each chapter, with David trying to learn to act normal and Kit trying to get over her grief.  The author does a very good job with these issues.  The two are drawn together, become friends, experience trouble together, and so on. It turns out there is a pretty big revelation about the car accident and Kit’s parents.  The writing is quite good.

There is bad language of the hell-damn-asshole variety but not a huge amount of it.  The book also brings up the problem of private matters being broadcast all over the internet.  I flagged five instances of really well-written little sentences that speak to the import of the book’s themes.

Categories: Depression, Diversity, Mental Health, Peer Relationships, Social Media

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