Now Is Everything

IMG_20180423_170305.jpgA wealthy family is ruled by a bullying tyrant of a husband/father.  Everyone has learned to tiptoe around the triggers that set him off. There is no sexual abuse but there is much physical and psychological violenc

The oldest child is a high-school senior who is worried about leaving home for the out-of-town college her father wants her to attend, because she fears for the safety of the younger sister.  The mother is a neglectful, functioning alcoholic.

Things are brought to a head and resolved in a difficult but (to this reader) satisfying way.  Still, it is a long and tense read.

The main character engages in a sexual relationship with her boyfriend, and readers will learn how to go about getting birth control advice and pills from Planned Parenthood.  There is a gay character.  None of the sex is explicit.  There is a lot of bad language of all kinds.

The book is interesting, well-written, and the characters are sympathetic.

Categories: Addiction, Dysfunctional Relationships, Mental Health, Violence

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