League of American Traitors

IMG_20180423_170125.jpgA teenage boy loses both his parents to death in a relatively short time.  At his dad’s funeral a stranger tries to talk to him, but he brushes the guy off.  Then he is ambushed and almost killed by people seeking research his father was conducting.  The mysterious stranger rescues him and spirits him away to a hidden school for training.

It seems the boy is a direct descendant of Benedict Arnold.  Others at his school are descendants of other American traitors.  Descendants of patriots determined the original traitors were not sufficiently punished, so their descendants had to be made to pay in perpetuity for the sins of their forebears.  Consequently, when each comes of age, they must participate in a duel.  If they win, they can then live their lives in peace.  If they fail, well, they’re dead.

Before his death, the boy’s father was looking for evidence that would allow him to broker a deal to do away with this system.

This is an interesting, original premise.  It has intrigue and action and would make a good little movie.  I wish the author had taken more time developing both the story and the relationships, but his notes make it sound like various publishing people rode him hard about cutting verbiage.  Maybe they shouldn’t have.

The book has no sex but does have bad language, including the F-word and language offensive to Christians.  There is violence also.

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