Broken Circle

img_20180301_171925825.jpgThis book can stand alone but looks like the first in a series.  Somewhere in it is the germ of an interesting plot, but the story is not well- or logically-told.  A boy’s dad is the Grim Reaper; indeed, he is the patriarch of the whole clan. There are other clans.  Their duty is to shepherd souls across Limbo (aka Purgatory) after death so they don’t get stuck.  Another group called La Luz is agitating to do away with death altogether.  The boy gets sent to a special X-Men-type school in Maine where people are trained to do their Limbo work.  This is all a mess, with critical connections/explanations left out and the overall tone inconsistent.  It reminds me of the Jeepers Creepers movies.  In the hands of a writer maybe like Suzanne Collins a better job could have been done.

No sex, some violence, a lot of bad language, including the F-word.

Categories: Supernatural/Occult

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