img_20180301_172230660-e1526079970893.jpgThe cover says “A tender story of grief, trust, and healing.”  Well, no, it’s not that, although those factors are present. I wouldn’t call it “tender.”

A teenage girl is involved in a bad car accident with her dad and older sister.  The older sister is killed, the father is somewhat disabled, the protagonist is hurt but recovers.  She and her dad don’t seem to remember anything about the accident.  A trial looms to determine accountability.  The story right up until the last 20% or less explains what led to the accident in the first place.

The characters are developed sufficiently.  Most of the adults are good and helpful, if imperfect, except for one truly selfish parent.  There is a lot of bullying at school. There is some fantasy in that the protagonist is actually a stunner (although she doesn’t seem to know it), and a couple of gorgeous guys come along to rescue her, even though the rest of her high school crowd thinks she’s a loser.

There is a lot of bad language in the book.  Aside from the language (which is a big aside), this is not a bad book for teenagers to read to comprehend what high school can be like,  but the book is not sufficiently unique or outstanding to make it worthy of any special attention.  It IS written in a focussed way, so that you don’t feel like you’re wasting time in getting to the story and points.

Categories: Navigating through High School, Peer Relationships

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