img_20180301_172140740-e1526081124666.jpgTwo 15-year-old girls decide to write a book about a year in their life and call it NOTHING because they say nothing ever happens to them.  Over the course of the year they write about their classes, teachers, siblings, boyfriends, parents, etc.  They are likeable girls, and their parents and most of their friends are basically good and responsible people.  Growth Is Shown.

Just about every single page must have the F-word on it, and sometimes more than once.  There is other bad language and especially true profanity.  It is really In Your Face.  I wish I knew why the author did this, but I guess she thinks it’s just fine that people and especially teenagers talk like this.  You would think a Famous Author would have more respect for the power of language, but I guess she thinks what she is doing is a proper use of that power. There is some sex talk, but this is not such a problem.

Because of the language issue I certainly would not recommend this book or buy it for a library.


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