Ashes to Asheville

IMG_20180301_172200436.jpgA lesbian couple has two biological children (one per wife) and moves from their home state of West Virginia to Asheville NC because NC permits same-sex marriage.  The story is told from the youngest girl’s point of view.  She is 12 and her sister is 16.  She says they had a happy home.  Her mother gets pancreatic cancer and eventually the family moves back to WV for help and because of finances.  This woman dies and the protagonist goes to live with her maternal grandmother in comfortable circumstances.  The other mother and her child spiral into poverty-stricken circumstances.

The dead mother was a Leap Year baby and had said she wanted to return to Asheville before she was 40.  She died at age 39.  In the dead of night before what would have been her 40th birthday, the older girl steals into the other’s grandmother’s house to swipe the ashes from cremation and drive them to Asheville to scatter.  The younger girl and the grandmother’s dog end up going along.  Hence ensues a road trip with several twists and turns and excitement, but in the end they do get to Asheville and spread the ashes.

People are portrayed sympathetically and realistically.  Growth occurs.  Hearts are melted.  There is no sex but there is some bad language, some of which would be offensive especially to Christians.

The writer tells a good story, creating believable personalities and interest.  It’s an entertaining book.  It does seriously pitch the view that gay people are entitled to establish families and marry and adopt and in all respects live just like hetero married couples.  I appreciated the author’s economical way of writing.

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