A Short History of the Girl Next Door

img_20180302_180908403.jpgA high school freshman obsessed by basketball suddenly realizes he is in love with his good friend Tabby from across the street.  They have grown up as close friends and like brother and sister.  She, however, falls in love with someone else, setting off a lot of jealous feelings. At a critical point she is killed in a car crash. Her grieving friend must come to terms with that and also not hate the boyfriend (who is actually a better person all-around anyway).  There are caring adults (who swear and discount the notion of God).  Although the main character does seem to grow, I never found him likable.

On pretty much every page there is bad language including some offensive to Christians.  The most-used word is probably F*** in all its variations.  The author has been teaching language arts in 8th grade for 12 years, “reading awesome books and writing alongside (his students).”  I wish I knew why he wants to get down in the language gutter with them.  He can write and tell a story, but I wouldn’t recommend this to any young (or old) person.

Categories: Navigating through High School, Peer Relationships

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