The List

IMG_20180423_170332.jpgThis is another dystopian novel.  Ice caps have melted and a community of survivors is existing (albeit not thriving) under the control of a strongman.  Language is being ever more tightly circumscribed and The List refers to the only words approved for use in society.  A young girl/woman becomes disenchanted and joins with outcasts to save the world.

The “language-is-trouble” idea is somewhat original (though your mind hearkens back to FAHRENHEIT 451 and–more recently–to last year’s ALL RIGHTS RESERVED) and kudos for that, but characters and story need to be developed more slowly and thoroughly.  There are some unbelievable and dissonant situations.  This is a first novel but the author has written plays and things for children.

There are no bad words or sex in this book, though there is a little romance.

Categories: Books with No Objectionable Content, Controversial YA Topics

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