Here We Are Now

IMG_20180423_165959.jpgA 16-year-old girl has been raised by her single Jordanian immigrant mother in Indianapolis.  In poking around old papers, she discovers her dad is a famous rock musician.  She writes him a few letters asking to meet him.  One day when her art-historian-professor mom is at a meeting in Paris, the dad shows up and takes the girl on a road trip to meet her dying grandfather and other family members.

The author can write but somehow it’s just not quite all there.  The characters are a bit too precious, the sentiments expressed by the young people too profound, etc.  However, there are some good and thoughtful observations made.  It’s kind of like a well-told fantasy story. I would not want to publish any review that would discourage this writer, though somehow I never quite liked or fully believed the characters.

There is a gay relationship and bad language, including the F-word and expressions offensive to Christians.  There is no sex.

Categories: Art, Immigrants, LGBTQIA, Rock Musicians

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