Bad Girls with Perfect Faces

IMG_20180302_180645559.jpgA high school boy has a female best friend who has lately realized she is in love with him romantically.  But, he is hung up on a toxic girlfriend and can’t seem to  break it off.  The BFF catfishes the TGF because she wants to show the boy TGF is cheating on him.  TGF falls for the catfish and the BFF meets up with her in the woods to reveal her true identity.  What happens next truly is a plot worthy of Shakespeare.  It would make quite the R-rated mystery thriller.

This book is well-written but there is a LOT of bad language, primarily variations of the F-word but also some religious profanity.  Repeatedly the main characters talk about how there is no purpose to life.  There is a lot of casual sex.  As is so often in these YA books, a lot of the parents (though not all) are so consumed with their own problems that they provide little direction to or stability for their kids.

There is drinking and drug-taking.  There are some good relationships but they are ruined by the events that transpire.

There certainly are lessons set forth but there is an inexorable quality to the kids’ actions such that I don’t know anyone would learn to do better by reading this book.

Categories: Addiction, Depression, Dysfunctional Relationships, Peer Relationships

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