Summer Unscripted

IMG_20180423_170150.jpgRainie is a high-schooler with no direction in life.  She has started and quit many things.  She sees a fellow student do a dramatic monologue, falls for him, and wrangles an invite to work in a resort summer theater.  Before the summer is over she learns important things about herself, others, and life in general.

All this is conveyed in an interesting, light romp.  The book is well-constructed and well-written.  There are no bad guys in it (ok, maybe one very minor character).  There is some sexual innuendo and talk but not a lot.  The two main female characters are virgins.  There is bad language, mostly of the hell-damn-shit variety.  Unfortunately there are a few instances guaranteed to offend Christians.  The sex and language, though not DOMINANT, could all easily have been left out, but such is the world we live in.

Other than those caveats, this really is a good and interesting book that I think most YA readers would enjoy.  It would make a good teen movie, and, indeed, the author is a writer for “Gray’s Anatomy.”


Categories: Peer Relationships

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