i hate everyone but you

IMG_20180423_170243.jpgTwo long-time BFFs, Ava & Genevieve, graduate high school and go to colleges on opposite coasts.  The story is told in the form of back-and-forth texts and emails between the two. Individual and family personalities and problems are revealed.

Gen goes to a small liberal arts college in Boston to study journalism.  This being fiction, she immediately makes a big splash by writing an expose for the college paper.  The real story about Gen, however, is that she quickly begins to have sex with whomever strikes her fancy, male or female or bi or trans or whatever the category.  By the end of the book she decides she is Queer, which I guess means, “Don’t pin me down!”  She is nevertheless a likeable girl and you feel compassion for her family situation, but basically her character serves to promote the “gender-is-fluid philosophy and it’s all OK.”

Ava goes to USC to study screenwriting.  Unlike Gen, she has trouble making friends, is emotional, sees a therapist and takes medication, but has parents who love her.  She fixates on a would-be boyfriend, messes around with and finally has sex with him, gives him oral sex whenever he asks–in general values herself sexually like (I understand) many young women do nowadays, which is to say, not highly enough.

So much for women being the finer sex.  The girls are just as crude, crass, and (in Gen’s case) sexually aggressive as boys stereotypically are.  Interestingly, several of the guys seem shy and are put off by the aggression, so there’s a bit of role-reversal going on.  Notable quotes finally come when each girl says, “Hey! What does an 18-year-old know about life, love, sex, etc.?”

The girls’s friendship has its ups and downs, and this is handled well.

Very few pages are NOT flagged for bad language, sex, or controversy (primarily sexual identify issues).

Categories: Dysfunctional Relationships, LGBTQIA, Peer Relationships

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